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Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 6 - October 25, 2020

Resources For Daniel 6 From Each Harderwyk Preacher
Pastor Aaron VanderVeen - WaterShed PreacherFrom The Gospel According to Daniel by Bryan Chapell
As we come to the end of act one in the book of Daniel (chaps. 1–6 describing Daniel’s life), it is helpful to review the scenes that prepare us for act two (chaps. 7–12 describing Daniel’s prophecies). Each previous chapter had a key image or event that plays a pivotal role in piecing together the gospel message of Daniel:In chapter 1, Daniel and his friends were kept healthy on a politically dangerous diet of vegetable soup, as God communicated to his people, “I remember you.”In chapter 2, Nebuchadnezzar’s multilayered statue was displaced by a heavenly rock, as God assures his people, “I will rescue you.”In chapter 3, one “like a son of the gods” appears with Daniel’s friends in a fiery furnace to demonstrate God’s Immanuel principle: “I am right here with you.”In chapter 4, Nebuchadnezzar’s restoration from animal-like insanity communic…
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Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 5 - October 18, 2020

Resources For Daniel 5 From Each Harderwyk Preacher
Pastor Bill Lindner - Celebration Preacher
Freshman Humanities Class and the Book of Daniel - my Blog Post -  CLICK HERE 
I was taught as a college student that there was no mention of King Belshazzar apart from Daniel 5 and that the Bible was not trustworthy in its history.  At that moment, a  rebuttal was sitting in a Berlin museum waiting to be translated.  A real-life archaeology story that is not as adventurous as Indiana Jones, bur far more consequential.Daniel - The Bible Project - CLICK HERE to go to YouTube.
This a well-done animation that gives a 9-minute overview of the structure and message of Daniel.  They point to "the pattern and the promise" intended to give hope to God's suffering people in many times and seasons.From Daniel: Reformed Expository Commentary by Iain Duguid
This is why the humble are exalted: not because their humility is meritorious, but because they fix their eyes on their Lord, who was once …

Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 4 - October 11, 2020

Resources For Daniel 4 From Each Harderwyk Preacher

Pastor Aaron VanderVeen - Watershed Preacher
From Daniel: Reformed Expository Commentary by Iain Duguid
As we contemplate Christ, once humbled and now exalted, we are reminded over and over of the profound fact that the only thing we contribute to our salvation is our utter depravity. Yet at the same time we are also reminded that, foul as we are, we are far more loved than we ever dared to hope. p. 75Pastor Bill Lindner - Celebration Preacher
"Me & Nebuchadnezzar" - From Heavenwad - Daily Prayer Blog by Scotty Smith - CLICK HERE
I love the daily postings of prayers by Scotty Smith.  His October 6 posting was built from our sermon text, Daniel 4.  Note: just to the right of the prayer is a box that lets you subscribe to his daily posts and have them sent to your email inbox each morning.The True & Perfect - Tim Keller with Clever  Animation -CLICK HERE
This is a favorite visual for communicating the "What is God doin…

Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 3 - October 4, 2020

Resources For Daniel 3 From Each Harderwyk Preacher
Pastor Bill Lindner - Celebration Preacher
From Daniel: The Gospel Transformation Bible Notes
Sadly, Nebuchadnezzar does not yet acknowledge this God as his own; he only honors “the God of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego” (vv. 28–29). The words remind us of the importance of trusting Christ personally, not just acknowledging him as a religious icon or concept that others accept. - p. 1128From Daniel: Reformed Expository Commentary
The question of whether this fourth person is a Christophany (a physical appearance of Christ before his incarnation) or merely an angel cannot be resolved from the text, which would fit either instance equally well. In either case, however, it is a physical demonstration of God’s presence with believers in their distress. God did not simply rescue his servants from the fire, he sent his personal emissary to pass through the fire with them, a presence that takes richer dimensions in the New Testament, when God …

Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 2 - September 27, 2020

Resources For Daniel 2 From Each Harderwyk Preacher
From Pastor Kyle Rodriguez - Fusion PreacherFrom Daniel: The Preacher's Commentary (Sinclair Ferguson)
"Those of us who have plenty are anxious because we want to guarantee that there will always be plenty; those of us who lack what others have are anxious until we have it too. So long as we think of life on the horizontal plane alone, we can never be delivered from the deep-seated insecurity, the profound sense of angst that haunts our lives." (p. 45)

My thoughts:
As Sinclair Ferguson's quote above reminds us, seeking worldly wisdom and power here on earth is inherently futile. Too often its solutions fail, and apparent success is fleeting at best. But that does not mean that wisdom, and the power to act on that wisdom, cannot be found anywhere. While its root is in heaven, God allows it to bear fruit here on earth.

John Calvin said it like this: "Daniel, therefore, admonishes us not to seek in heaven alone for G…

Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 1 - Sunday, Sept 20

Our collaboration on Daniel has been really rich, so I'm taking an idea we have talked about for a while and will try and massage it into a workable form that we can sustain week by week.  I'm hoping to collect material from each Harderwyk preacher that was really interesting in our preparation, but that we either decided not to use or want to more clearly reference, and then put it into a weekly blog post.  Sort of like picking up pieces of a film from the cutting room floor.
Use the comment section to tell me what you think and guide our future development of these resources.

Welcome to "Join Us At The Table" - Sermon Resources at Harderwyk Ministries

I remember COVID-19 arriving and suddenly, we were left scrambling with exactly how to go about "doing ministry" - especially preaching -  in entirely new circumstances.  I'll be forever thankful for the Harderwyk team, especially fellow preachers Aaron VanderVeen and Luke Carrig, as we began to prayerfully figure out our next steps.Along the way, the three of us did a weekly video "Table Talk" where we gathered together to talk through a particular text.  It was probably the first time that everyone connected to Harderwyk and our three distinct "Worshiping Communities" ever got to see our "sermon collaboration process" in a practical and ongoing way.  Circumstances moved us on, but for that season our people got to see three preachers study, reflect and consider together in a way that made each of us stronger as we prepared to preach the same text.It is with the benefit of that experience in mind, that we have started this new …