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"Surprise! You Belong" - Preaching at Harderwyk - Mark 5:1-20 - January 10, 2021

Resources For "Surprise! You Belong!" Series From Each Harderwyk Preacher  Pastor Bill Lindner - Celebration & Fusion Preacher Our City Is Dying - Youtube - CLICK HERE OK - so the city in this video is Seattle.  As I said though, I suspect it could be produced from any significant urban American city.  And my point was not so much the situation, as the visual of the sufferer in the text, as well as those in the video. A Prayer of Lament, Repentance, and Hope by Scotty Smith - CLICK HERE This is Scotty's prayer from Thursday, January 7 that I used in the Celebration Service this morning.  Note the "Subscribe to Scotty's Blog" box on the right of the page,  This lets you receive his daily prayer email which I highly recommend.  CLICK HERE for instructions for this process and for adding the PrayerMate app for your smartphone or tablet. Pastor Aaron VanDerVeen - Watershed Preacher From NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible: 5:13 into the lake . Mark does no
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Three Ill-Winds - Resources – December 27, 2020

Pastor Bill Lindner - Celebration & Fusion Preacher CLICK HERE to see the sermon from the Celebration service.  The sermon starts at about 25:00 into the service.  Apologies for the slight synch problem between the audio and video tracks. Background Resources For "Three Ill Winds" I. "Prosperity Theology" Are You Equipped to Respond to the Prosperity Gospel? By Trevin Wax – CLICK HERE American Gospel: Christ Alone – Tired of reading?   CLICK HERE and rent this fascinating documentary on Amazon The Prosperity Gospel: A Critique of the Way the Bible is Used - CLICK HERE  -  A more in-depth review by the Lausanne Movement, most helpful in its biblical analysis and international perspective Believers Invest in the Gospel of Getting Rich by Laurie Goodstein in the August 15, 2009 NY Times – CLICK HERE  -  Yikes!  This is what the world sees about Prosperity Theology.  And for some commentary on this article by Al Mohler CLICK HERE . II. Moralistic Therapeutic D

Advent Preaching at Harderwyk - Hebrews 1:1-4 - December 20, 2020

Resources For Second Sunday in Advent From Each Harderwyk Preacher  Pastor Bill Lindner - Celebration & Fusion Preacher The Man Who Would Not Be King - George Washington is a fascinating historical person when it comes to leadership and authority.  It was hard to not spend more time looking at that today.  CLICK HERE for a fascinating look at the character of our first president.  CLICK HERE  for the full text of President Washington's Farewell Address. Pastor Aaron VanDerVeen - Watershed Preacher Daily Scripture Readings on the "King & Christmas" Theme - Come back to center each day on this last week of Christmas.  Click on the text reference and it will link you to the reading on Sunday , 12/20 - Isaiah 9:2-7 Monday , 12/21 - Isaiah 11-12 Tuesday , 12/22 - Ezekiel 34 Wednesday , 12/23 - Zechariah 9:9-13 Thursday , 12/24 - Jeremiah 33:14-18

Advent Preaching at Harderwyk - Hebrews 1:1-4 - December 6, 2020

Resources For Second Sunday in Advent From Each Harderwyk Preacher Pastor JB Wurland - Fusion Preacher Abraham Heschel expands on the simple importance and lasting nature of words, the vessel that God used to reveal himself to his people. Some people may wonder: why was the light of God given in the form of language? How is it conceivable that the divine should be contained in such brittle vessels as consonants and vowels? This question betrays the sin of our age: to treat lightly the ether which carries the light-waves of the spirit. What else in the world is as capable of bringing man and man together over the distances in space and in time? Of all things on earth words alone never die. They have so little matter and so much meaning… God took these Hebrew words and breathed into them of His power, and the words became a live wire charged with His spirit. To this very day they are hyphens between heaven and earth. What other medium could have been employed to convey the divine?

Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 10-12 - November 22, 2020

Resources For Daniel 10-12 From Each Harderwyk Preacher Pastor Bill Lindner - Celebration Preacher Daniel 11 and the Historic Events which are Depicted in the Prophecy - CLICK HERE As I mentioned this morning, this 3-chapter vision is filled with very detailed statements that are presented as "history before it is written" - Chapter 11 in particular.  The link above will connect you with a "spreadsheet summary" of statements from Daniel 11 connected with historical events.  This is itself a summary of the work n the ESV Study Bible Notes if you would like to dig deeper still. Giving Thanks Like The Pilgrims - CLICK HERE This one is not about Daniel, but in light of the holiday, I thought I'd pass it along.  History matters and I am glad to help keep the lessons from our own national history and the Pilgrims familiar.  And don't miss our Thanksgiving Day Online Worship Service this week either.

Preaching Daniel at Harderwyk - Daniel 9 - November 15, 2020

Resources For Daniel 9 From Each Harderwyk Preacher Pastor Aaron VanderVeen - WaterShed Preacher From NIV Application Commentary by Tremper Longman Daniel 9:11–14 -  In the next section of his prayer, Daniel draws a direct connection between the sin of the people and their present suffering. We cited above two of the curses Daniel has in mind, but there are more (see Deut. 27–28). Between the Law of Moses and the Prophets, God’s people had no excuse. They knew what the consequences of their actions would be. But somehow they rationalized it. Perhaps they grew presumptuous because of God’s long patience with them. They would sin without immediate punishment, so they began to doubt that God would really follow through with his threats. Jeremiah 7:1–29, the so-called “temple sermon” of Jeremiah, charges Israel with presumption because of the presence of the temple in the city. They wrongly reasoned that if God’s residence was the temple, there would be no way that an enemy, even one as m

ESV Study Bible Notes on the "Seventy Weeks" of Daniel 9

We have found the notes included in the ESV Study Bible to be consistently helpful as we collaborate in sermon preparation.  They provide basic context, historical background and, in passages like Daniel 9, a fair summary of different understandings of difficult texts.  It successfully shines outside light on the text, without distracting from or imposing outside views of the text itself.  We offer the notes that follow as a helpful summary - with a chart no less! - of four common views of the "Seventy Weeks" in Daniel 9, including how it would have been understood by the Jews two centuries before Christ in what we call the Maccabean Period. - Pastor Aaron & Pastor Bill CLICK HERE for connection to the ESV Study Bible From the ESV Study Bible There are many suggested interpretations of the seventy weeks (or “seventy sevens,” see ESV footnote), but there are three main views: (1) the passage refers to events surrounding Antiochus IV Epiphanes (175–164 b.c. );